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Talent Concept

Talent Concept



Talent View: Development, Practice and Ability

  • Discuss talents based on performance and comprehensive capabilities.

  • There are ideals and pursuits, want to do things, can do things, can do things.

  • The most competitive person in the post is the talented person. What stands out from the team is the talented person. The most responsible, passionate, most accomplished, and most cooperative person can lead the way.

  • Not only you are good, but also make your team good.

  • Insist on horse racing, and use vision and career platform to motivate and train talents, so that each talent has the channels and space for capacity improvement, performance improvement, and job promotion.


View of learning: good at learning, lifelong learning

  • If a workman wants to be good, he must first sharpen his weapon.

  • "Three points, seven branches." To improve your learning ability, you should be able to promote your work ability and personal literacy.

  • Learn from books, learn from practice, learn from advanced, diligent in thinking, good at summing up, refining experience, and grasping laws.


Concept of innovation: break through the rules and pursue excellence

  • The driving force for development is innovation.

  • The fundamental purpose of innovation is application. Promote the development of enterprises through the application of new ideas and new technologies, and provide the market with products and services that make users more satisfied.

  • Through innovative ideas and methods, we will achieve first-class in all aspects of business model, management, culture, and system.


moral principle:

  1. Honesty

    • Business integrity. Integrity management is the foundation of an enterprise. Law-abiding operation, proactive social responsibility, establish a good image of green space, and maintain social credibility.

    • Be honest. Be honest and do things honestly. Reflect more and complain less, talk more about internal causes and less external causes, think of ways to talk less about problems, talk about results, and talk less about reasons.


  2. responsibility

    • Corporate Responsibility. Perform three responsibilities: economic benefit responsibility, social moral responsibility and environmental protection responsibility. It faces four subjects: facing consumers, providing the best products for consumers; facing employees, creating a healthy and abundant life for employees; facing shareholders, creating the most wealth for shareholders; facing the public, and fulfilling the greatest responsibility for social harmony.

    • Employee responsibility. Perform three responsibilities: development responsibility, harmony responsibility, image responsibility. Responsibility for development: Employees must take corporate development as their responsibility. Only with good and rapid development of the company can employees have a broad career stage and a healthy and fulfilling life for employees. Harmonious responsibility: employees must take corporate harmony as their responsibility and work excellence. Simplify interpersonal relationships, and work together to seek common development; image responsibility: employees should take the responsibility to maintain the corporate image, "my image is the corporate image", obey the law and abide by the law, do not believe, do not pass on, do not detrimental to the company's development, and corporate unity Information, display and maintain the company and personal image.

    • The big picture. Establish the company's overall and overall thinking, and strictly obey the work instructions and arrangements of the company or superior management personnel. For work reports, the principle of progressive reporting should be followed. The superiors should treat each other in good faith and respect each other.


  3. loyalty

    • Be loyal to your cause. Recognize the vision and goals of the company, be loyal to the development of the CNHT business, have firm confidence, clear goals, inspiring spirit, and high morale.

    • Loyal to the business. Talk about integrity, the overall situation, discipline, and teamwork, be grateful for the knowledge and trust of the company, take the responsibility for career development, and actively safeguard the interests and image of the company.

    Loyal to his duties. Clarify his job responsibilities, always maintain his passion for work, enjoy a sense of work achievement and happiness, be honest, honest, dedicated, and outstanding.


  4. Dedication

    • Dedication and love. Establish a career ideal and goal full of the spirit of the times, and healthy, and implement it in this post with the most tenacious and most durable career pursuit.

    • Do what really matters to your business. Seize the lifeline work, and strive to make lifeline work the best, the most extreme, and obtain the maximum output with the most efficient input.


  5. team

    • Team first, harmonious communication, sincere solidarity, knowledge sharing.

    • The work between the upper and lower processes and departments is "seamlessly connected".



" People-oriented " is the corporate management philosophy of Huaxing Hengtai CNHT. Since its establishment, the company has maintained stable and rapid growth. In the process of continuous development, we attach great importance to and make good use of talents, and attach great importance to the training, development and motivation of human resources. Our principle is to respect employees at all times and provide employees with equal opportunities on the basis of equality and fairness.

We always believe that talent is the foundation of an enterprise's development and the company's most valuable asset. The company knows people well, respects employees, respects employees, and encourages employees to continuously surpass themselves, grow quickly, and develop with the company. At the same time, we try our best to provide our employees with a broad world to display their talents and a stage to realize their professional achievements.

For the company, attracting good employees to join is the key to the company's growth. We need to retain talents and provide effective incentives. We know that a sense of accomplishment, identity, and belonging is the motivation that motivates employees to work. Our responsibility is to ensure that these incentives continue to evolve in the company.

We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, everyone will be able to work together, unite and cooperate, keep their promises and create brilliant!

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Continuously improve customer

satisfaction and pursue excellence

Customer satisfaction is the only criterion for testing product quality. We listen to the voices of customers, grasp their needs, define quality standards based on customer satisfaction, and do everything possible to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.



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